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Irish Gifts:

 You might consider a gift at Christmas, Easter, St Patrick's day, Thanksgiving or just for that special occasion. We do not sell Irish gifts, but we hope some of the suggestions on our gift page may help you with some ideas.


Ireland's FlagNorthern Ireland's Flag

Ireland's Flags - 26 Counties became the Irish Free State in 1922, and the 6 north-eastern Counties, Northern Ireland remained part of  Britain. No laws were passed requiring a passport for travel across the new border, this is referred to by both governments as "The Common Travel Area". British and Irish citizens may live and work freely in each other's countries. This is possible because the nationality laws of the two countries do not consider citizens of the other country to be 'Aliens'. Citizens of Ireland and the UK may vote in general elections of either or both countries. The Border is not officially marked.

 Gaelic is the Celtic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. About one person in five in Ireland can speak Irish today, but only one in 20 use it daily. In Scotland approximately 80,000 people speak Gaelic.
 Saint Patrick (about 389-461) is the patron saint of Ireland. Patrick was born in Britain.
  Ireland, together with Britain, joined the European Economic Community in 1973.
 The population of the island as a whole is just under 6 million(2006), 4.20 million live in the Irish Republic and 1.7 million live in Northern Ireland.
Ireland is a parliamentary democracy. The National Parliament (Oireachtas) consists of the President and two Houses: Dáil Éireann (the House of Representatives) and Seanad Éireann (the Senate) Northern Ireland has a parliamentary monarchy and an electoral democracy. The voting age is 18 in both parts of Ireland.
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