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Irish History from 1500 - 1600 AD

1507 AD
Henry VIII became King of England.
1515 AD
Anarchy in Ireland.
1534 AD
Rebellion by Earls of Kildare.
1558 AD
Elizabeth I became Queen of England.
1562 AD
Elizabethan wars in Ireland start.
1583 AD
Munster rebellion against Elizabeth 1st's military governors.
1588 AD
Defeat of Spanish Armada.
1595 AD
Hugh O'Neill, the Earl of Tyrone, rebelled against Elizabeth I in an attempt to preserve the Gaelic way of life.
1598 AD
Hugh O'Neill's victory at the Battle of Yellow Ford.
1598 -1603 AD

Ireland's Provincial Flags
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 Gaelic is the Celtic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. About one person in five in Ireland can speak Irish today, but only one in 20 use it daily. In Scotland approximately 80,000 people speak Gaelic.
 Saint Patrick (about 389-461) is the patron saint of Ireland. Patrick was born in Britain.
  Ireland, together with Britain, joined the European Economic Community in 1973.
 The Celts and Ancient History, Bronze and Iron Age - The ancient culture of the Celts had settled in many European countries including Austria, Britain, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Western Germany, Northern Spain, Turkey and Hungary.
The Irish Government is expected to call a General Election in Ireland for 2007.


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